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Hypocrisy New Album

A trailer for "A Taste Of Extreme Divinity", the new album from HYPOCRISY, the Swedish extreme metal band led by guitarist/vocalist Peter Tägtgren (also of PAIN), can be viewed below.

"A Taste Of Extreme Divinity" is scheduled for release in Europe on October 23 and in the U.S. on November 3 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing is as follows:

01. Valley Of The Damned
02. Hang Him High
03. Solar Empire
04. Weed Out The Weak
05. No Tomorrow
06. Global Domination
07. Taste The Extreme Divinity
08. Alive
09. The Quest
10. Tamed "Filled With Fear"
11. Sky Is Falling Down

Check out the CD cover artwork below.

HYPOCRISY will kick off a U.S. tour in support of "A Taste Of Extreme Divinity" on November 5, with ENSIFERUM as the headliner.

HYPOCRISY reissued its 2002 album "Catch 22" under the title "Catch 22 V2.0.08" in May 2008. Peter Tägtgren re-recorded the guitar parts, his vocals and remixed and remastered the LP for the new version of the album, which featured bonus material.

The band previously stated about its decision to re-release the CD, "We still think it is a great fucking album but it got slammed and misunderstood because of the vocal style and the drum sound and so on."

HYPOCRISY's latest album, "Virus", came out in September 2005 via Nuclear Blast Record

trailer part 1

trailer part 2


me sucedio algo comico cuando me entere del lanzamiento de este album...
al intentar buscar info de este album..en el día de hoy, me di cuenta que ya esta para descargar por todos lados hace unos días xD....Y FALTA 1 mes practicamente para que sea lanzado en europa...jajaja
yo se que no es nada del otro mundo que eso suceda..pero yo en mi mente dizke bueno..dentro de un mes sera que podre escucharlo..
pero hasta en youtube ya esta subido full xD.... [cosa que no creo que demore mucho...quizas cuando escribo estas palabras ya nuclear blast mando a quitarlo xD]

ALGO MAS para los que no hayan escuchado..el anterior album de Hypocrisy [VIRUS] sakense el dedo..que ya lo tienen muy sucio..de tenerlo tanto tiempo alli..xD... Y Escuchenlo hace 5 años y sigue estando brutal.... principalmente para los freaks de vainas de aliens, etc.
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Orphaned Land New Album January 2010

UFFF ya tengo mis añitos de estar esperando este album xD..[lo publico pero dudo que alguien por aki le llame la atención o le interese esta info, aunque derrepente este equivocado.....]..

pero alli va poe...

ORPHANED LAND: New Album Due In January - Sep. 24, 2009

Israel's progressive folk metal masters ORPHANED LAND are scheduled to release their new album, "The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR", in January 2010 via Century Media Records. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2004's "Mabool" was mixed by legendary musician/producer Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE, OPETH) and was previously described by ORPHANED LAND vocalist Kobi Farhi as "one of the most interesting and original albums the worldwide metal scene has ever known!"

ORPHANED LAND made a rare U.S. appearance at the ProgPower USA X festival, which was held September 11-12, 2009 at the Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

Commented Farhi: "Playing in the USA is always an adventure for us. The fans are very much devoted and even the people who don't know your band give you the right attention.

"When we were announced for ProgPower USA [festival] last year, I was sure that by this time our album would be out, but since it's a complex album, we delayed it and had to leave the studio just for this show, so in a way, the ProgPower fans were the first in the world to hear us play an unprecedented, SIX brand new songs.

"The reaction was great and the fans were with us all along the show — clapping hands, jumping and even belly-dancing.

"After so much time in the studio, we really needed that feedback and I'm very grateful [to] all the fans.

"I feel that our music is a new breeze for the metal scene, a breeze that brings a new tune and sound of metal from the Middle East and we know that this was just the starting point. It is now the time to bring our unique brand of music to all of North America, so stay tuned as we will be back soon."

An audio teaser for "The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR" is available for streaming on the band's official web site.

Farhi was interviewed by the Orphaned Disciples web site at last month's Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic. The chat is available for viewing in two parts below

Entrevista con Farhi de Orphaned land..

Part 1:

Part 2:


Web Official
Orphaned Land Myspace
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Dark Funeral New video and album..

ayer 4 de octubre, estreno este video de dark funeral
version sin recortes..

nuevo album (18 noviembre)
Swedish black metallers DARK FUNERAL will release their new album, "Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus", on November 18 via Regain Records. The CD was recorded at Abyss Studio in Grangärde, Sweden with famed engineer and legendary producer Peter Tägtgren (PAIN, HYPOCRISY). Nine songs are featured on the effort, which is being described in a press release as "the band's most technical and varied album to date. And while still being true to their roots, they have taken a great step forward in the evolution of their brand of fine Swedish black metal. 'Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus' is, from the very beginning to the end, a hell ride you simply don't want to miss!"

producido por el frontman y mastermind de Hypocrisy Peter Tägtgren

CD track listing:
"Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus"

01. The End Of Human Race [4:43]
02. The Birth Of The Vampiir [4:50]
03. Stigmata [5:06]
04. My Funeral [5:30]
05. Angelus Exuro pro Eternus [5:04]
06. Demons of Five [4:48]
07. Declaration of Hate [5:24]
08. In My Dreams [6:30]
09. My Latex Queen [5:21]

Bonus DVD (limited edition only)
Live at Peace & Love festival on June 28, 2008 in Borlänge, Sweden:

01. Intro
02. King Antichrist
03. Diabolis Interium
04. The Secrets of The Black Arts
05. The Arrival of Satan's Empire
06. Goddess of Sodomy
07. 666 Voices Inside
08. Vobiscum Satanas
09. Hail Murder
10. Atrum Regina
11. An Apprentice of Satan

Info 1:
Info 2:
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Re: Metal News

Notapor Meli » 05 05UTC Oct 2009, 3:29 pm

Hypocrisy rules.... ya lo puse a bajar a ver q tal......
y orphand lands.. esa banda la descubri el año pasado por un amigo q me mando un track
la verdad bn interesante ese grupo...
I have the pussy so i make the rules...
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Carey say: Rainbow reunion? forget it =(

esta es una de las cosas mas tristes que eh leido en estos ultimos días...
:( :( :( .. maldito!! :evil:

RAINBOW Reunion? Forget It, Says Former Keyboardist TONY CAREY - Oct. 5, 2009
Former RAINBOW keyboard player Tony Carey has told U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine that he can never see a reunion of the band.

Carey, who played on the classic "Rising" and "On Stage" albums, believes the time has now passed for this to happen.

"I'd love the chance to get on stage again with Ritchie Blackmore [guitar], Ronnie Dio [vocals] and Jimmy Bain [bass]," he said. "We could have Bobby Rondinelli or Greg Smith on drums, replacing Cozy Powell. But I tell you right now, it will never happen."

He continued, "Ronnie needs the aggravation of working again with Ritchie like he needs a new asshole. And Ritchie is so into his renaissance music, with BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, that I doubt he even thinks about getting RAINBOW back together. So, anyone who is holding out the hope of a reunion? Forget it."

Carey, who co-founded OVER THE RAINBOW with vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and Rondinelli, is currently talking to vocalist Doogie White (who was in the last RAINBOW lineup in 1994) about a new project, and is also working on a new solo album.

"I had to quit OVER THE RAINBOW, because I was seriously ill earlier in the year — to the point where I was only given a 10 percent chance of living — and just cannot commit to their touring schedule. [Paul Morris has since taken over — Ed.] But hopefully, this new band with Doogie will happen, and I can get back to playing the loudest Hammond organ in the world!"

eh aqui un fragmente de uno de los mejores momentos que paso esta banda en los años 70

pero no importa, ojala Dio o Ritchie no mueran y algun día token nuevamente aver si los voy a ver envivo xD de todas formas no salio ni de la boca de ritchie blackmores o de DIO..asi que aver si dicen algo ellos al respecto por ahi..jeje

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ARKONA: new video

video clip nuevo...arkona, en el 2008 gano los Metalstorm awards..como mejor videoclip del año...


"Goi, Rode, Goi!", the new video from the Moscow, Russia-based "Slavic pagan metal" band ARKONA, can be viewed below. The song is the title track of the group's new album, which will be released via Napalm Records on the following dates:

Oct. 28 - Finland, Spain
Oct. 30 - GAS, Benelux, France, Italy, Sweden
Nov. 02 - Rest of Europe
Nov. 03 - USA, Canada

"Goi, Rode, Goi!" was recorded at CDM Records studio between October 2008 and May 2009 except the drums, which were recorded at Gigant studio, and the guitars, which were recorded at Astia studio.

"Goi, Rode, Goi!" contains a 15-minute song called "Na Moey Zemle" ("In My Land"), which is being described as "a kind of pagan metal opera about the travelling of Slav around countries of Europe." The CD artwork was created by Kris Verwimp (THYRFING, MÅNEGARM).

"Goi, Rode, Goi!" track listing:

01. Goi, Rode, Goi!
02. Tropoiu Nevedannoi (On the Unknown Trail )
03. Nevidal (The Wonder)
04. Na Moey Zemle (In My Land)
05. Pritcha (The Parable)
06. V Tsepiakh Drevney Tainy (In Chains of Ancient Mystery)
07. Yarilo
08. Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov (Faces of Immortal Gods)
09. Kolo Navi (Kolo of Nav)
10. Korochun
11. Pamiat (The Memory)
12. Kupalets
13. Arkona
14. Nebo Hmuroe, Tuchi Mrachniye (Sullen Sky Lurid Clouds)

ARKONA's last album, "Ot Serdca K Nebu" ("From the Heart to the Sky"), was released on July 4, 2008 via Napalm.

According to a press release, ARKONA's "leader is the charismatic frontlady Masha Scream, who also writes all the music and lyrics, as well as delivering her fierce vocals. The band plays Slavic pagan metal and embellishes their versatile compositions with the use of folk instrumentation."


Masha "Scream" - Vocals
Sergei "Lazar" - Guitar
Ruslan "Kniaz" - Bass
Vlad "Artist" – Drums

aver cuando sale el nuevo album...
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Metal Trailers, video, etc

videoclips, trailers etc..de webonadas recientes..

PAGAN'S MIND Live Equation (adelanto del próximo cd/dvd )

PAGAN'S MIND editan el DVD con su propio sello y lo distribuirán a través de Indie Distribution; el material apareció el 14 de septiembre en Noruega y hará lo propio el 9 de noviembre en el resto de Europa.

Además del doble DVD, hay una edición limitada compuesta por CD y DVD. El CD y un primer DVD incluyen un concierto grabado el 1 de noviembre del 2008 en el Rockefeller Music Hall de Oslo, Noruega, mientras que el segundo DVD está compuesto por material extra; esta tirada triple está limitada a 1.000 copias e incluye una púa del grupo.

Una e- card para el último álbum del grupo "God's Equation", editado por Limb Music en noviembre del 2007, en este enlace.

El álbum fue grabado por Espen Mjøen en sus estudios Mediamaker de Skien, Noruega, y se mezcló en los estudios Toy Town de Estocolmo, Suecia con Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEIN).

PAGAN'S MIND serán los teloneros de STRATOVARIUS por EE UU en otoño.

DARK TRANQUILLITY - Final Resistance [LIVE IN MILAN] (trailer dvd)

extraído del próximo DVD de DARK TRANQUILLITY "Where Death Is Most Alive".
"Where Death Is Most Alive" estará disponible el 26 de octubre en Europa y el 17 de noviembre en EE UU vía Century Media Records.

Epica - Unleashed

pa los que anden como el webo ..epica lanzara album el 16 de octubre o le xupe 1 webo..aki les va de todas formas..

como dato adicional..estarán el 1 de Diciembre en Tikalandia (Costa rica)
"Design Your Universe"

Samadhi (prelude)
Resign to Surrender (A New Age Dawns - Part IV)
Martyr of the Free Word
Our Destiny
Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns - Part V)
The Price of Freedom (interlude)
Burn to a Cinder
Tides of Time
Semblance of Liberty
White Waters
Design Your Universe (A New Age Dawns - Part VI)

Arch Enemy - The Beast Of Man (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

BELPHEGOR - Der Geistertreiber

Vader - Never Say My Name

Samael - Black Hole

Película documental sobre Lemmy Kilmister
sobre uno de los bixos mas feos y importantes de la historia del metal
EL SEÑOR Berrugas..alias Lemmy xD

El líder de MOTÖRHEAD Ian Kilmister Lemmy verá su vida recorrida en una película documental dirigida por el fotógrafo y periodista Wes Orshoski y el realizador Greg Olliver que podría estrenarse a comienzos del próximo año.

"Lemmy: The Movie", que así se llama el largometraje, contiene entrevistas realizadas a amigos y familiares del mítico bajista, así como a miembros pasados y presentes de MOTÖRHEAD y músicos como Alice Cooper, Slash, Dave Grohl, Mick Jones (THE CLASH), Peter Hook (NEW ORDER), Peter Hook, Ozzy Osbourne o Steve Vai entre otros.

Avances para el próximo disco de SHADOW GALLERY

"Digital Ghosts" saldrá el 23 de octubre en Europa y el 3 de noviembre en EE UU

POR Allí les posteo mas paja noticiera


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Roadrunner Records.com is down for maintenance.

Roadrunner Records.com is down for maintenance.
We'll be back shortly!

blabbermouth de mierda..ahora que kiero ver info
no puedo ...
ojala luego cuando entre si se pueda..
y que sea SHORTLY deveras..
ajja (lo se..)
pero pake sepan de todas formas
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Re: Metal News

Notapor eilegz » 18 18UTC Oct 2009, 11:11 pm

q coincidencia q muchas paginas estan down el dia de hoy sera algo global...
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Re: Metal News

Notapor Moousymetal » 09 09UTC Nov 2009, 6:25 am

:eek: verdad q metallica va a Panama?? o es puro cuento??

sobre metallica en panama puedes ir a este tema
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