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Re: Android - Tema Oficial

Notapor ec » 14 14UTC May 2013, 1:26 pm

Paranoid Android ya terminó de portear la idea que Facebook creo con chatheads en Android. El app se llama Halo))) y te permite tener iconos permanentes con notificaciones de los apps que prefieras. Ideal para apps que usas constantemente como Gmail o Whatsapp.

Anteriormente Halo solo estaba disponible en Paranoid Android pero ahora se puede bajar en cualquier otro ROM. ... anoid.halo

Que es Halo?

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MIUI V5 3.5.31

MIUI 3.5.31


Fix - Google Calendar synchronisation failure
Fix - In some cases, uninstalling application causes system to reboot


Fix - In "Call Recording" settings, when the recording time of specified recording number is over 10 hours, long press on the list will cause app flash back
Fix - When answering the phone in mute mode (non-vibrating), the phone will be muted with vibration
Fix - During call, talk time display in the notification bar displays incorrectly
Fix - In the pop-up dialog after adding contacts to the blacklist, pressing the 'Back' button does not exit the current interface


New - Added support for filtering call log for "New Contact"
Optimisation - Redesign page for unknown contacts (05-27)
Optimisation - Support number selection when group sending messages
Optimisation - When selecting phone number to send text messages, the "default" number of multi-number contacts will be prompted (If it was set before)
Optimisation - After exporting contacts to SIM card, export summary will be displayed
Optimisation - In the “New Contact” page, current account will be highlighted while selecting
Optimisation - Support for syncing cloud large picture for google contacts
Fix - Clicking call recording in call log or notes may cause flash back problems
Fix - Avatar inconsistencies for merged contacts in Details and Edit pages
Fix - Clicking 'Cancel' or 'Back' button in the edit avatar interface opens contact edit page
Fix - Clicking search box does not open search mode
Fix - Clicking on the Return button in groups does not return to the group list
Fix - In some cases, call recordings do not display in the contact call log
Fix - The progress bar shows incorrectly when exporting contacts to SIM card
Fix - Entering only a partial number returns no search results


New - Third-party themes can choose whether to use Fancy icons


New - Added support for QR code scanning
Fix - When entering Camera from Contacts, the skin adjustment button and flashlight button may overlap
Fix - Videos cannot be sent via Bluetooth from Camera app


New - Added quick scrollbar in Cloud Albums
Optimisation - Reduced the chance of no thumbnails when viewing large image
Fix - In local albums when multi-selecting a large number of photos to delete, the delete confirmation box does not respond quickly
Fix - Uploaded pictures thumbnail size conversion error in Cloud Albums
Fix - In some cases, opening the GIF format images may cause gallery to stop running


New - Music UI redesigned and improved


New - Animation effects when number of new window increases
New - Animation effects for creating and closing windows
New - Sliding from the edge to the centre of the screen allows for quickly switching windows
New - Added prompt when accessing insecure URLs
Optimisation - Network error page
Optimisation - Display effect of the link response area in a page
Optimisation - Bottom toolbar height adjustment
Optimisation - New window management interface
Optimisation - New night mode effects
Optimisation - Reading mode visual adjustment


Optimisation - Automatically add mail header when sending mail


New - Local videos can be hidden

Esta semana tambien se suma el galaxy nexus en otro device que soporta miui v5


soporte no oficial para mas devices
eilegz | 31 31UTC May 2013, 1:49 pm

MIUI V5 3.6.28

Optimization - Attribution database update

Fix - In some cases "pre-written" messages can not be displayed
Fix - When adding dialog box of private contacts, the Back key does not disappear after being pressed
Fix - Adding image with high aspect ratio as an attachment might cause Messaging app FC
Fix - Switching Xiaomi account results in MMS synchronization failure
Fix - Reboot might cause "Show previews" feature to be enabled again after being disabled
Fix - MMS thumbnails occupy too much memory and cause the program to run slowly or crash

New - In “Filter Files”, "recording" and "ringtone " folders will be filtered by default
New - Songs in Music can be pushed to Xiaomi MiBox

New - Added desktop batch sorting mode (In edit mode, you can click the icons for multiple choice)

New - Clicking on the recommended theme image can go to related web page
Fix - Prompt error for authorization obtaining failure

New - Added time watermark (MI2)

Optimization - Improved application stability

Fix - In some cases , watching videos might cause FC error
Fix - In some cases, using Flash plug-in might cause FC error

Fix - Accessibility relevancy errors

changelog ... log.21025/

ROM para bajar

ROMS no oficiales mantenido por la comunidad de miui
eilegz | 28 28UTC Jun 2013, 12:39 pm

Re: Android - Tema Oficial

Notapor ec » 15 15UTC Jul 2013, 8:13 pm

moto x, probablemente termine siendo una desilusión pero bueno... es ese o el nexus 2013.
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MIUI V5 3.7.26

Recommended this week
New lock screen, status bar, notification bar "Wi-Fi hotspots" switch
New Camera Support Wi-Fi and QQ contacts scan two-dimensional code
Optimization gallery supports landscape mode

Fix - using "Full size font" shows abnormal expression caused by SMS problems
Fix - Input method application caused abnormal exit

Fix - Contact details page displays big picture, call Shique shows a small picture
Fix - Searching for contacts, the interface displays unusual problems
Fix - Agency name and number label is the same

Fix - In some cases, crashing problem when searching for contacts

Fix - "Undeliverable" message notice can not be deleted
Fix - SMS page using physical desktop keys may cause the program to FC
See details bulk SMS restoration, click the drop-down menu recipient list, the display is not correct the problem
Fix - Forwarding a "collection" of the multimedia messages, automatically jump back to the message list page problem
New - Add an emoticon repair interface to fix dislocation problems

Lock screen, status bar and notification bar
New - Add "Wi-Fi hotspots" switch
Optimisation - Replace the SIM card, do not lock the device

Optimisation - Increase the size of icons for 1080P models to 192 x 192

New - Added support for scanning Wi-Fi and QQ contacts dimensional code
Optimisation - Camera interface displays the current manual white balance or ISO settings
Optimisation - Rcording process microphone noise reduction
Fix - In some cases, long press the physical back key to activate the camera does not take pictures after focusing

Optimisation - Support horizontal screen mode
Fix - Hidden "camera" album, home screen can still see the camera picture problems
Fix - System is turned on and rotating horizontal screen mode is turned off, the big picture can not be rotated figure Browse Pages

Optimisation - Dolby sound optimization settings in the display name
Fix - SD card connected to the computer, switch playlists cause flash back problems
Fix - Setting MusicFX will cause FC problems

File Explorer
Optimisation - 2G network environment, are not synchronized fast disk file list, save traffic
Easter Egg :)

Optimisation - The "grid" Style, notes the lower right corner shows "Alert icon"

changelog ... log.21488/

Roms para bajar

Mas devices
eilegz | 27 27UTC Jul 2013, 11:20 pm

Android Device Manager

Google lanza un nuevo servicio que es bastate comun en otras plataformas como blackberry protect en blackberry y Apple’s Find my iPhone

El objetivo de esta aplicacion es que localiza geograficamente donde se encuentra tu celular en caso de que se te haya quedado en un restaurante o en algun otro lugar, con esta aplicacion podras sonar el celular para encontrar tu dispositivo asi como hacer un remote wipe por si ya no encuentras el celular y no puedan comprometer tu data


Este servicio se activa en Settings -> Security -> Device administrators

Disponible para Android 2.2 y Superior requiere una cuenta con google
eilegz | 07 07UTC Ago 2013, 1:40 pm

Re: Android - Tema Oficial

Notapor ec » 03 03UTC Sep 2013, 6:00 pm


Nexus "5" hype!

Google mandó a tumbar un video en Youtube donde presentaban la estatua "Kit Kat" de Android 4.4 en Google. Por ahi hay mirrors pero lo importante es este screenshot. En el se puede ver un dude tomando una foto con un phone que parece ser el proximo Nexus.

El diseño es similar al del Nexus 4 pero es mas grande y parece tener el logo de LG en la parte trasera, al mismo tiempo dice nexus horizontalmente como en el Nexus 7 (2013) asi que podria ser Asus. Al mismo tiempo el diseño no se parece en nada al recién anunciado LG G2, si recordamos el Nexus 4 estaba basado en su predecesor, el LG Optimus G, en el G2 la camara está en el centro de la parte trasera y tiene los botones justo después.

So, la camara está en la esquina superior izquierda, algo que estila Sony últimamente con el Xperia Z1 (Honami) asi que las dudas quedan, quien hace este Nexus? si es que es el nuevo Nexus. LG? Sony? Asus?
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Re: Android - Tema Oficial

Notapor ec » 31 31UTC Oct 2013, 7:56 pm

novedades en kit kat :O

nfc emulation suena solido :eek:
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Re: Android - Tema Oficial

Notapor phracker507 » 28 28UTC Ene 2014, 10:21 am

Hola a todos recién rootie el cel e instale esta ROM jelly bean 4.3 a mi DUOS GT-S6102B de este link , pero me da la impresión que no es android 4.3 como dice en la descripción del video y es una ROM modificada, trae unas app buenas preisntaladas que no trae la ROM oficial y en la versión de android dice que es 4.3 con kernel, numero de compilación DDLD4.S6102BJELLYBEAN, me gustaría que vieran el link del video y comenten acerca de esta ROM. :?:
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Re: Android - Tema Oficial

Notapor ec » 28 28UTC Ene 2014, 12:12 pm

ese man no pudo grabar el video en landscape? :/

en fin, si yo fuera tu solo instalaria roms de desarrolladores relativamente conocidos, lease cyanogenmod, paranoid android, AOKP, carbon, etc.

pero como ese phone no es neceariamente de los mas populares puede que encuentres ports de cyanogenmod en
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